Cinema "Formula Kino Gallery»

Cutting-edge multiplext Formula Kino Galeria is located on the 4th floor of Galeria Shopping and Entertainment Center.
In the Cinema, there are 10 halls including VIP hall, one of the halls represents a popular IMAX format. IMAX Hall which has been designed in a special way, with a huge screen, enlarges the sweep of vision, creating the effect of maximum immersion into the film events. This is a technology on the verge of art!
All halls of "Formula Kino Galeria" cinema accommodate more than 2000 visitor, capacity seating of the biggest of them is 300. There are also 2 cinema bars offering popcorn and drinks, Japanese sushi cafe MANGA (express service), and VIP- cafe with a European cuisine. The design and style of this cinema hall follows the theme of art , which is reflected in its very name - "Formula Kino Galeria".




Location – 4 floor