A Galeria gift card is a gift everyone can appreciate; it can make them happy and help them make their wishes and dreams come true.

The Galeria gift card solves the problem of picking the perfect gift. It gives the recipient the freedom to purchase whatever they’d like.

It brings on positive emotions for both the giver and the recipient!

What is next?

Get a Galeria gift card Put money on the card through a terminal. Give it as a gift to the recipient The information desk – 1st floor .

You can load from 50 to 15,000 rubles from a debit card to the gift card. The terminal is 5 meters from the information desk.

Add your warmest wishes.

How to top off your certificate?

View instructions for adding funds using a Bank card
Please note:
• You CANNOTtop off a gift certificate with a MIR payment system bank card.
• Topping off a gift card in cash has been disabled, since a new law has been issued (Article 7 of Law 161-FZ is supplemented by Part 2.1 and Part. 2.2 from 03.08.2020 (Federal Law dated 02.08.2019 No. 264-FZ)), which prohibits accepting cash for prepaid cards. You can only top off using a bank card.

Everything you need to know about Galeria certificates:

You can use this card at any store, restaurant and café as well as at the movie theater of the Galeria Shopping and Entertainment Center – like any MasterCard.
The maximum amount you can spend is the balance of the card account; you can spend it in full or in part before the card expires.
The last 4 digits of the card number are your personal identification number that you must enter at the store cash register when requested. The PIN can be changed through the terminal by pressing the CHANGE PIN button.
You can access your available balance through the terminal, Daricard mobile application or at www.daricard.ru.
The card cannot be returned and/or exchanged.
Cash withdrawal from the card is allowed only after the completion of simplified identification at https://www.daricard.ru/identify (the bank’s website), in the Daricard mobile application or after the full-featured identification at the bank outlet (the cash withdrawal fee is 2% or minimum 200 rubles).
The card can be toped up from any bank card through the Bank's ATM. If the customer went through the simplified or full-featured identification, the deposit can ba made by using any online or mobile banking application.
The card is reloadable; the card number is used for adding money; the balance on the card cannot exceed 15,000 rubles.

If you have any questions, you may call toll free: +7 (495) 748–07–48 (Russian Standard Bank).