Take care of the environment with us and get pleasant bonuses*

What will you do if your favourite thing is out of fashion, or you have changed your image, or your “brand new” thing has ceased to be such just yesterday? Will you put them away into your wardrobe with the things “what if it comes in handy” or will you throw it away? We offer a more interesting solution and it concerns not only dresses, skirts and jeans, which cannot be just thrown out, but also bags, shoes, and even cosmetic jars. Here you can find the current offers from brands that care about the environment and are ready to do it together with you.

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A 15% discount voucher for one item on the receipt for a package with things you no longer need

Floor 1,2

The first UPCYCLE brand collection: ARNY PRAHT x 99recycle Support the idea of a conscious consumer, the brand has created a linear belt bags of shares of the company TRADE IN!

1-30 September:

The brand changes the old products ARNY PRAHT at a discount of 20% in the same price category. Handbags and backpacks from this promotion will be converted to new upcycle models.

Floor 2

Come to the 21Shop, bring your old clothes for recycling and enjoy a 15% off the entire merchandise!

Floor 3

Get 20% off your next iPhone case and screen protector when disposing of your old accessory.

Floor -1
Marks & Spencer

Each customer can take home the appropriate number of hangers from the store for free.

Also, all denim in the store is made of carefully selected, recycled, environmentally friendly cotton with the lowest possible amount of water consumption and harmful chemicals.

Floor 2

15% discount on any coffee in your glass. Thus, the brand reduces the number of paper cups used.

Floor 4

The new PUMA x First Mile capsule collection made from recycled plastic. Get one step closer to nature with PUMA

Floor 3

The Reima brand uses plastic bottles to create fabrics: less waste and cleaner nature.

In the eco-collection you can find: Winged and Vigur sweaters and light, warm and urban-resistant Sild and Vaigats pants.

Floor 4

Hand over an empty jar of cosmetics and get a 10% discount.

Floor 2
Jack Wolfskin

We introduced a line of clothing totally made from recycled materials. The brand has completely abandoned the use of plastic bags and opted for paper ones.

Floor 3

The store provides services for the disposal of equipment and batteries (check with consultants or on the company's website for details). The brand uses paper bags instead of plastic.

Floor 3

Say no to a plastic bag when making your purchase at Zarina and recieve 100 bonus points on your membership card.

Floor 2

The store also offers women’s clothing of the Torstai brand (Finland), which takes part in the Fairtrade Cotton Program. Fabric for clothing is made from recycled Repreve® fiber and wood fiber.

Floor 3
Finn Flare

The capsule collection of outdoor clothing from innovative rPET fabric made from recycled water bottles.

Floor 2

The store has a Recycle box where every visitor can donate unwanted UNIQLO clothing in good condition for handing over to those in need. On sale there are ecological paper bags - 5 rubles. and stylish reusable eco-bags - 150 rubles.

Floor 1

The discount for purchasing a new Galaxy when handing in an old smartphone or tablet.

Floor 1

You can return used coffee capsules here

Floor 1

Get a voucher for 500 rubles for every two pairs of shoes brought.

Floor 2

Hand in old things and get 500 credits on your LOVE CARD.

Floor 2
Bronnitsy Jeweler

You get an opportunity to exchange and buy old jewelry.

Floor 1
Moskovskii iuvelirnyi zavod

Hand in your old jewelry and get a gift certificate.

Floor 1
re:Store and re:Store | care

Hand in your iPhone (or other Apple equipment) and get a discount for purchasing a new device.

Floor 1
Zara Home

New collection of home decor made from recycled glass.

Floor 1

For 3 full-sized jars handed over, you will get a miniature as a gift, for 5 – we’ll add a lip balm to it, and for 10 – you will also get a cosmetic bag.

Floor 1

A certificate for 500 rubles for a new pair of shoes instead of an old one.

Floor 1

You get a face mask, a cleanser or facial oil as a gift for 5 empty clean jars.

Floor 2

Choose Conscious Consumption with the RENEW Collection.

Floor 3

The store offers 2 collections:

1. CYCLED - collection of clothes from recycled plastic,

2. GROW - a collection of sneakers made of plant materials.

Floor 3

“Thank you” box

Bicycle parking. You can park your eco-friendly two-wheeler at the bike racks on the 1st floor.

Waste sorting. Out trash cans have compartments for plastic, glass and paper recyclables. We have started sorting waste streams and will be grateful for your cooperation.

Electric vehicle charging station. Plug in your EV at the charging station on the 1st floor.

Container "Spasibo" (Thank You). Our Shopping and Entertainment Center has two Spasibo containers: on the 1st floor in North and South Atriums. They are intended for used clothes, shoes, bags and even books. All collected things are donated to charity organizations.

«Spasibo!» – is a socially responsible non-profit organization. It collects clothing items in special containers installed around the city and then donates them to charity organizations, thus helping people in need. Torn, stained or worn items are recycled.

* For details of the promotion, contact sellers in the store.