The boldest designer’s idea become available for millions: thanks to the ZARA brand!

The global experience of the brand proves that federal borders are not a barrier on the path of fashion culture.

The process of the brand’s product design is directly coordinated with its customers. The continuous flow of information from stores, which reflects the interests and demands of the customers, inspires a creative team of 200 people. The state borders do not stop Zara from global fashion expansion.

ZARA is the implementation of the most innovative and extraordinary designer’s ideas in everyday life. ZARA constantly interacts with its customers who help the brand find new ideas, trends and tastes evolving in the society. This is the secret of ZARA’s success among a wide circle of people, cultures and generation who share love to fashion despite their inequality. The company’s retail chain stores feature their unique client-oriented approach and a strategy according to which point of sale is the basis for relations with customers. Store location, style, impressive window dressing and interior design and customer’s service – meeting those criteria is the main aim of the brand. The store interior embodying the current image of the brand highlights the importance of direct contact of the customer with ZARA’s goods under unobstructed conditions and in a pleasant atmosphere.

The brand releases women’s, men’s and children’s collections.

On top of that, in ZARA stores you can find limited edition collections of swimsuits, cosmetics and perfumes.